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Shedding Hair, Wishlist and New May Classes.

My 2nd chemo treatment was last Wednesday and though I feel more prepared for the expected side effects, I can feel the toxins building and things like simple sore throats or tiredness or bone pain are lingering a little longer than before.

My hair is properly falling out now....whenever I touch my head or eyebrows or eyelashes, hair confetti's down around me like leaves in the breeze. Going more bald is making it all seem that much more real which is silly to say probably as I've been very aware of my chemotherapy/cancer journey for the last month, but somehow seeing my tired, nearly bald reflection is making everything seem very stark and real, more so than before.

Today, I'm battling a sore throat that's not getting better so it's looking like yet another trip to A&E is on the agenda as apparently getting an infection while on chemotherapy is a danger. If intravenous antibiotics can get rid of this sore throat and make me feel a little more human, then visiting yet another A&E sounds fine to me. My priorities are slipping obviously.

I'm planning to teach at the end of this week and in a few weeks time (both dates that are when my body will be functioning at its best before the next treatment) so I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to some normal activities again. If interested in signing up for my upcoming classes please visit my Classes page on this blog. After signing up, you'll need to wait a bit for me to send an invoice via PayPay (this could be a day late if I'm in A&E today but I will catch up!)

As I write this blog post, I'm on "Day 6" following my 2nd chemo treatment which is apparently not a great "feeling human" sort of day....but by Day 7 and onwards, those are good days which I'm really looking forward to.

I've set up an Amazon Wishlist for the first time in my life. Being on Universal Credit while also having chemotherapy and waiting for other benefits to kick in so I can purchase various remedies that can help me get through these horrible side effects has proved financially impossible so I've relented and to all those wonderful friends and family members who have asked over the last few weeks how they can help, I've created this wishlist to offer ways to help me as I'd welcome ways to feel better.

If you're interested in looking at my Amazon Wishlist, please click this link to see what I'm requesting: Franceska's Get Me Through Chemo Wishlist

The new fun side effects that seem to be here to stay is the unrelenting bone pain that is brought on by the daily injections I have to give myself that boost my white blood cell count. It used to be that I could take paracetamol to rid myself of the pain in the mornings, but now it's just a dull ache that's always there in my body....even in my fingertips. It's manageable and painkillers take the edge off and I'm so looking forward to the end of this "red devil" chemo treatment cycle at the end of May as these side effects are really unpleasant.

Right so, my sore throat is speaking loudly so I'm off to A&E....sorry for this rather lame blog post but I'm feeling a bit deflated today. Still very positive and feeling confident that I'll get through this, but just body weary currently.

Thank you for reading and hopefully next week I'll have something more interesting to share! I'm planning to get back to some art projects once I'm feeling better so a proper art project update would be so much more enjoyable maybe!

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