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Sharing Thoughts & Useful Cancer Books!

This week I offer you another video update and cancer chat covering cancer misconceptions I find myself responding to often as well as some very useful cancer books I've read that continue to help me through my own experiences with chemotherapy while fighting triple negative breast cancer.

Thank you so much once again to all my wonderful friends who have been supporting me by purchasing items from my Amazon wishlist and helping me manage all the multiple side effects from chemotherapy as well as helping me better prepare for upcoming chemo infusions so that side effects are less of an issue. You have all helped me so much that I'm unable to express completely how fond I am of your kind generosity and please know that each package that arrives gives me such relief and delight and renewed hope for strength and good health which are so valuable to me especially while fighting cancer! Thank you thank you!!

#LoveToYouAll #ThankYou #FightingStronger #FeelingWell #BeatingCancer #SharingCancerBooks #FranceskaDrawsTrees

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