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Sharing Photos of a beautiful local walk

Instead of offering a blog post about art lessons or creative mindsets, I thought it would be nice just to share with you the photos I took while out walking yesterday here in St. Albans in Hertfordshire.

I feel very much in a reflective, quiet mindset today and have done for a few weeks now and walking in nature always seems to help.

I live in St. Albans, quite close to all the wiggly old roads in the centre so I often like to walk around the old streets and look at all the old houses as I very much enjoy the history of where I live.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I enjoyed a walk up to the Old Gorhambury ruin on the Gorhambury estate. We did try to walk a little further but were met with a very loud road so instead retraced our steps back which resulted in a 9 mile walk!

I love trees and love drawing trees and have always felt a deep love of all trees since I was very young. Somehow they feel like family to me.

We had a clear, cold day that started out very bright and crisp and as we made our return journey there began a layer of mist that covered the countryside.

It was such a beautiful walk, though of course since we're all newly released from lockdown #2, there were loads of people walking, running and cycling their way up to the ruin with us!

Looking out at the countryside and into the brilliant sky, I'm unable to stop myself thinking of my family who all live in another country. We're all a very international family and keenly aware of our disconnection from each other during this pandemic. This will be my first year doing absolutely nothing for Christmas and pretending it's just another day as it's too dangerous for any of us to travel to spend time with each other during the holidays this year.

This is the ruin at the top of the hill. Apparently it was the home to Sir Francis Bacon and has beautiful remains of a galleried extension that was built by Sir Nicholas Bacon (Sir Francis Bacon's father) to make a better impression for when