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Scribble Till You Find It (Again!)

I created a game years ago for myself to help push myself to draw better when I was younger (this was over twenty years ago so I feel rather old sharing this!) and I now use it as a teaching tool.

I call it, "Scribble Till You Find It"! Other artists I know also play this sort of game in their own studios and probably add it into their own teaching practices too. The idea is that you use your pencil or pen or paint brush to make lots of wiggly marks all over the page or canvas without really trying to draw anything at first.

In this beginning stage I like to look for shapes I like or feel attracted to in my scribbles which I'll shade in or enhance with harder lines and usually when doing this, an image will emerge from all my scribbles which I'll be able to turn into something more substantial which is when it really gets exciting!

As I teach this technique often in my own classes, I thought it would be helpful to share this technique in more focus in this blog as well as create a demonstration video so you can see what I mean and in the video, hear me telling you about my process.

So if you're still here and wanting to learn more then please watch this video below and if you do happen to try this technique out for yourself and would like to share, then please feel free to get in touch as I'd be curious to see where your scribbles take you! Best place to share images with me is on Instagram @FranceskaDrawsTrees

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