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Scan Update, Preparing for Battle & What's Happening Next

Today I offer you an update in the form of a video of me just telling you everything that has happened this last week with my recent scan, the size of my tumour and what's to come with my next hospital appointment on the 11th of August this coming week.

I've also shared how my GoFundMe fundraiser is directly helping me already and how incredibly grateful I am to all you lovelies who have been so generous to offer donations and to those who have helped share my fundraiser as I'm already feeling so much better following two acupuncture appointments and knowing I can afford our ongoing trips into London each week. Such a weight has been taken off my shoulders now that I'm not worrying about how to afford everything and instead I'm finally feeling that I can focus entirely on just getting better which is such a relief.

I mentioned a few things in my video that I should put here as photos, but instead, I've decided it would be more fun to share on my Instagram on the 11th of August when I'm next at the Royal Marsden hospital so if you haven't already followed me on Instagram then please find me there @FranceskaDrawsTrees to see my updates for this Wednesday and hopefully more arty updates in the future!

As I mentioned in my video above, if you're able to share my GoFundMe fundraiser or donate then I'm happy to offer anyone anywhere in the world, a month of free art classes either online or in-person (starting in October if you're local to the London museums or St. Albans) so please have a look at my "Classes" part of my website to get in touch if this is of interest to you.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been following my ongoing adventure fighting cancer as well as contributing to my Amazon wishlist and donating to my fundraiser. I'm eternally wowed and grateful to everyone and hope I can show the same generosity to others once I'm cancer free and well again! Soon soon! Can't wait!

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