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Once Upon A Wednesday....

Once upon a Wednesday

I waited almost endlessly

For delayed appointments

That nearly tested my sanity.

A recent scan wasn't explained

And I was left feeling drained

For waiting countless hours

Wishing I had super powers!

My chemo was delayed

My remedies all thawed

My patience clearly swayed

I snapped and was glad I hadn't paid.

When at last I had my chemo

I hoped for no side effects at least

Today's bone pain is my woe

But managed by Co-Codomol!

Now I sit upon a weekend,

Looking into the valley of the week

At acupuncture on Tuesday

And PICC and dentist on Wednesday.

I'm feeling better day by day

And in a month this cancer will have gone away

I cannot wait to live my life

Without all this painful strife.

I'm full of boundless gratitude

For donations from far and wide

And I daily fantasise

Of giving thanks perhaps in pies?


Thank you all for reading

I wanted to try something different

Because my cancer lockdown

Is getting rather boring.

I hope that you'll stick around

For next weeks update

That is likely to be video with sound

Of a week that's hopefully great!

Ridiculous poem by Franceska McCullough

#FranceskaDrawsTrees #RidiculousPoem #LetsLaugh #ItsOkayToBeSilly #CancerFighter #SoonToBeCancerSurvivor

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