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On the search for Motivation in an endless lockdown!

Are you struggling like me to find the energy to keep sitting at your desk at home and keep working?

Are you freelance, like me, and wonder when you'll be able to take time off for yourself again?

Do you feel that this lockdown of 2021 is like a big cave you're trying to find the way out of? too.

Motivation is more and more elusive, day after day, week after week, month after month and often times I find myself longing to just lounge around reading magazines and fantasising about a lot of "what if's" which never really helps the situation of trying to find this elusive motivation.

So I have this new game I play with myself which has helped a bit.

I start this game by tidying the area around my bed (I live in an attic and my whole world is in this one room) and while I tidy, I listen to an audiobook or music to keep me going.

Once I've tidied the area around my bed, I work my way tidying away until I reach my desk - I give myself about 30 minutes to an hour to achieve this tidying journey to my desk and it always makes me feel rejuvenated by the time I reach my desk.

By this point, my circulation is pumping and if I have the window open for fresh air and I'm listening to upbeat music or positive audiobooks, then I can sit at my desk and enjoy a lovely breakfast, just enjoying my lovely tidy room around me which someone makes me feel like I'm ready for the next adventure!

The next adventure is usually the workday ahead, online and creating artwork - this motivation I created while tidying lasts nearly the whole day and I'm able to achieve so much once I get started and taking breaks seems to bring just as much motivation as I continue to enjoy my tidy space around me.

It's strange what a tidy room can do for the soul! I also keep a bullet journal which helps keep me on track. I added a section to my daily journal to help me "clock in" and then "clock out" so that I don't work beyond a 7 to 8 hour day. Before lockdown #3, I used to work from 9 am to gone midnight because setting up online events, creating content, teaching and creating artwork is all consuming and ideally to do what most teachers and freelance artists do in this online lockdown world, we'd need a team of people to help us have a normal 8 hour workday. I don't think many people realise how much work it takes to work as a freelancer, especially during a pandemic. It's been utterly exhausting and I'm really looking forward to getting back to some form of normal where I don't have to spend days and days planning, creating, marketing and teaching online.

My tidying journey from my bed to my desk works in a strange sort of way and it's the only way I know how to generate motivation day after day. Setting a workweek schedule for myself is also such a reprieve too as I now have just Sundays where I refuse to respond to students or get online or teach because Sunday is the day I walk in the countryside and remember that I'm alive and well in this crazy shut in pandemic world.

I never get responses to my blog posts, though I work hard to create content, so I don't expect to see comments to this post but I can see that people around the world are reading my words and even if you don't respond, I hope you can try my "Tidying Journey" game to help motivate you too if you're suffering from lack of motivation while stuck at home. It works, you just have to take it slow some days as there are those days when tidying seems tough too but as you walk through your living space, picking up your belongings and being in the moment with them, this simple act will motivate you and all you have to do is focus on picking up the next object and the next and so on, until you reach your desk.

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