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My Sketchbook Project

I wanted to share with you about my participation in the Brooklyn Art Library's, "Sketchbook Project", and I wanted to also shamelessly encourage you to view my latest videos on my YouTube channel, where I share speed videos of my progress on the first page of this project.

If you don't know about this project, then let me tell you it's very much worth the fee, and your time as it not only gives you an outlet for potential creative experiments, but it's also a great way to collaborate with a company that will share your work with all kinds of people from all over the world in a physical sketchbook which is wonderful! It cost me £30 to participate and also took eons to arrive which I think is because I live in England and it was traveling from New York City so perhaps they post it via donkey and then row boat or hot air balloon!

After lots of debating on how to fill my sketchbook when it finally arrived, I came to the idea that it would be nice to fill it will intricate detailed drawings that conveyed some sort of positive message or messages to anyone who would be reading it after it's returned back to the Brooklyn Art Library.

I like the idea that it could be a little window of sunshine in someone's life and perhaps give them a boost of confidence, peace of mind and hope when they read it. Plus, after the troubled times this world is currently in, I think a little sketchbook full of messages of happiness, peace, love and hope may be a salve to the soul so fingers crossed it helps others! I have to return it by August of this year (2021), so I currently have ages to work on it and thanks to #Lockdown3, I've got lots of time to work on it!

Something though that I'm really finding interesting about properly starting a YouTube channel and also sharing my participation in a global art activity is that I'm finding that the elusive motivation has been a more often occurrence in my studio practice - if only I could keep myself accountable in all other things in life, then maybe I'd feel more productive!

I'm a HUGE procrastinator which is even more a struggle because I'm an artist as I can create my own entertainment even if left in an empty room with nothing to do. I can experience boredom, of course, but when boredom does strike, I've got my very handy imagination to get me into an adventure very quickly - in some ways this is others, it's disastrous!

For instance, if I've got to fill out any sort of form or sit still and be forced to think and do math, then it feels like I'm trying to control a tiger that's trying to climb out of a window to escape the potential boredom and that's a struggle as the moment I'm able to get control of this tiger, then there's a danger that I'll fall asleep or be fixated on the sound of my blinking eyeballs!

Years ago, I was tested for ADHD and I remember a doctor going down a list of questions on a sheet and asking me each question and somewhere in the middle of this experience, I literally heard my brain click off and all of a sudden I was unable to listen to the doctor any longer as everything else was much more interesting! Has anyone else ever experienced this or am I exceedingly strange?

Anyway, I think I've finally tamed the beast (ha!) as the simple act of keeping myself accountable to an online community and participating in a global art activity has resulted in glorious daily motivation that has me on overdrive which is wonderful.....and even odder - I've become strangely organised in my practice which makes me wonder if this is finally a sign I've become an adult (in my mid forties!) at last!

So if you're like me and can't focus on forms or math and want to try to get a handle on being organised and maintaining a creative project or projects, then I'd highly recommend sharing regular updates about your projects online in some sort of weekly update to complete strangers who will expect to read or watch something of yours on a well maintained schedule as I think this system finally works for us very visual creatives!

So here are my latest updates that I mentioned previously on my first pages of my participation in, "The Sketchbook Project" which is run by the Brooklyn Art Library:

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If you're also participating in the Sketchbook Project and want to connect then find me on Instagram @FranceskaDrawsTrees as I'd love to see what you're creating too!

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