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My last Chemo is behind me!

So I now have my last chemo behind me finally which is a huge relief! As I expected it was a very long day for chemo with multiple delays on everything including waiting 5 hours for chemo which made sitting still for it even more challenging but worth it as I now have had my PICC line removed and my arm is healing at last. As I write this, I'm beginning to experience the delayed side effects from the Abraxane which are occasional sharp jolts of pain in my bones and very itchy skin as well as feeling quite tired. I'm feeling positive though especially as I'm finally over the chemo and onto all the scans.

This coming week is very full of hospital appointments as I leave the world of chemo and become fully immersed in MRI's, Ultrasounds, Mammograms, blood tests and surgeons meetings. I feel like I should camp out at the Royal Marsden as I will be there nearly every day next week. The downside is that my veins have disappeared following chemotherapy and now that I've had my PICC line removed, finding a vein to inject contrast dye or take blood is now a painful experience of trying to find a vein. It means lots of moments with my arms immersed in buckets of warm water while also trying to ingest copious amounts of water to flush out chemo and improve finding my veins during scans!

Just for fun, here's a silly video of my journey in for my last chemo!

It's a relief to feel closer to the end of my experience with cancer and to be over the most painful part of the journey!

After all my scans this coming week, I'll have my blood tested by the end of the week to see how I'm healing myself after chemo so that the following week, I'll be able to finally have my 2nd jab of the covid vaccine which hopefully will be kind to me with no side effects and will set me up for surgery by the 28th of September. Sometime after surgery, I'm told I'll have radiotherapy but I've no idea how much or when that will be so I think it may be the end of October before I'm finally finished with treatment.

Thank you to everyone who has been so very generous and donated to my GoFundMe fundraiser as we're really tapping into it now, with all my acupuncture appointments which are keeping my side effects manageable as well as all our multiple trips in and out of London for all my scans and meetings. I literally would not be able to do all I'm able to do now, if not for the wonderful donations to my fundraiser and I feel so grateful each day that I'm so loved and supported by so many dear friends!

I'll update again next Monday with hopefully more news of what type of surgery I'll have as well as the results of all my scans. Fingers crossed that I still only need a lumpectomy and that no biopsies are required this coming week!

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