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Miniatures & Model-Making

I thought that I need to start talking about miniatures here too as I'm not just a fine artist who draws, paints and teaches but I'm also a miniaturist.

Since I was very young, I've always been fascinated by anything very tiny and with the help of my grandmother's incredible imagination and storytelling, I had a happy childhood looking for faeries around every corner!

It did also help that I grew up in a beautiful woody place with a medieval castle as my playground - have a look at Atlantic College in South Glamorgan, Wales and you'll see where I grew up!

Becoming a miniaturist didn't actually develop properly until several years after earning my first degree. I found that when in studio and trying to kickstart inspiration, I'd often end up creating something miniature as a way of relaxing before getting into a bigger project and often my bigger projects ended up being ambitions miniatures that became masterpieces in their own right.

As I'd already had experience working and creating sets for TV and theatre productions, I then decided that I needed extra training as a model-maker so I went off to train at Creative Media Skills located in Pinewood Studios in Iver. Let me just say that learning from the amazing Leigh Took and his daughter Lauren while at Pinewood was a very happy experience where I learned so much and felt so fueled by their enthusiasm that I feel I'm still thriving off that same inspiration even years later! I did also study with another wonderful teacher, David Neat who held his course at his home studio in London. What I learned from him was very different from my experiences at Pinewood though just as valuable and I'm still using his techniques years later too. I even bought his book about model-making techniques which I reference often!

So below I'm sharing with you a video I've made of a tour of a few of my miniatures. Some are finished or at least I feel they're finished for now and others are still something I work on every now and then as I find that my bigger projects develop slowly over years and perhaps are even a source of meditation for me.

I hope you enjoy my little tour and please consider following my sculpture Instagram account to see more (though I don't post often as I like to live in the outside world too!) @Toothpickmuse

If you're even more interested in what I do as a sculptor and want to see more, then please visit my portfolio website:

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