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Looking forward to Ringing the Bell!

I suspect you're here for an update

On my adventure in this cancer jungle

But this week has gone by uneventful

With little to report except that I'm waiting on a date....

Not romantic in nature, but of a lumpectomy theme

That promises to be discussed with my surgical team

This coming Friday lunchtime.

I'm excited by the approaching end of treatment

And my last chemo coming up next week

Which also hails the day of my PICC line exit

That will be a happy day for sure!

Otherwise, I'm writing this disconnected sometimes rhyming verse

To entertain you and me with nonsense from my lockdown brain

That has been in a chemo fog of late

With a smattering of neuropathy in patches on my feet

I'm not in pain but getting used to it and thankful for acupuncture

Which weekly keeps me nearly human!

I play this game called, "A month from now...." in which I imagine

And plan all the adventures I'll have when I'm at last cancer free

And properly on my healing journey where I can finally say

Goodbye to all the niggling chemo side effects!

I bought a bullet journal and have been filling it with plans

For when my life finally really begins in just a month from now!

Soon these blog posts will return to art adventures instead of cancer jungles

And I hope you'll stick around

To see what life is like

Once I've beaten the big cancer monster!

Today I have energy which I cherish

And will put to use in printmaking

Making art is what I crave

And plan to do it all day today.

Thank you for reading my silly verse

And please come back next week for a surgery update

Get ready to run the rest of the way with me to the finish

And listen for the tintinnabulation of my success!

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#lastchemo #positivevibes #happyhappy #makingart #franceskadrawstrees #tintinnabulation #ringingbellforbeatingcancer

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