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Let's Tour My Website & Offer an Update!

This week I want to try to draw your attention to other parts of my blog website that you may not have explored yet. I've worked very hard on not just this blog but also the many other pages located here on my blog website and would love to have you visit those pages too.

Did you know I have a shop on here? I've bought stuff from my little online art shop and have only had one customer in the entire year I've had my little shop. Maybe it's not your cup of tea but if you like my artwork and enjoy it enough to have it printed on something practical like a t-shirt or mug or just a print to hang on your wall, then do please have a wander on over to my little art shop which is currently having a 5% off sale to help raise funds for my cancer journey. The more I use my shop, the more discounts my website will let me offer, so please help me by becoming my 2nd, 3rd and even 4th customer so that we can raise the discount percentage so you can have even better savings in the future! If you'd like a specific piece of artwork not currently listed, then please send me an email with the artwork you'd like added to the shop. My email is:

Another fun area of my website here is My Art Projects page where I hope to update on a monthly basis, my latest creative projects that are mostly ongoing affairs. Sometimes I'll share a link to things you can join in with too so make sure to check this page often and of course please send emails to me if you have anything you'd like to share or give feedback on as I'm happy to hear from you.

I also would like to let you know that I've added my "Classes" page again and this time as a means for anyone wishing to book a private lesson with me. I've listed a few dates/times that I'm currently offering for anyone wishing to book and will add more dates every few weeks or so as well as an update to let you know what dates are already booked. So if you're interested and want to book a date/time with me then please act fast as those dates/time slots will go fast.

Another page on my website here that you may not be aware of is a page devoted to my opinion of the Best Art Materials that I've used for years and want to share with anyone just starting out on their creative journey. As an artist and teacher, the most popular questions I'm always asked is what materials I prefer for specific areas in the arts so I thought the best idea when starting my website here was to add a page where beginners can go to learn what I use and enjoy in my own art practice. If you find it helpful then please do share with others so that they can try different materials out for themselves. Sharing my blog and website also helps get my website more attention which in turn helps the search engines list me higher up when someone searches for something related to the content I'm sharing.

I'd love to also draw your attention to an art class that my artist mum is offering this coming Saturday via my group, London Art Museum Creatives. Her class is called, Collage Creations with artist, Juliette McCullough which promises to be an enjoyable event as collage is one of her specialities as a fine artist. If we cannot get enough interest in this class, I'll reschedule it for a future time. All our attempts at creating classes are a direct hope to generate funds towards supporting my cancer fighting journey. My mother has travelled all the way from her home in the US to rent a place near me in order to cook nutritious foods for me and help me get through chemotherapy as I fight triple negative breast cancer. We're not a wealthy family and always have had to work very hard for everything. My mother is in her mid-70s and still cannot afford to retire so she is still teaching which is a wonderful thing for her students as she is the best art teacher, having had the incredible experience she's had over her many decades being an exhibiting international fine artist. Her online classes like this current one can be attended from anywhere in the world as it is conducted over Zoom and only requires you to have an internet connection, a computer and a select assortment of the suggested materials for the class.

So for cancer updates this week for anyone following my current cancer adventures, I'm coming up on my 2nd Taxol chemotherapy treatment on Wednesday and because I seem to be allergic to the chemo, I've been given a series of medicines to take starting the day before to get my body ready for what's to come and to hopefully stop any allergic reactions from occurring when they start the infusion so all fingers crossed please as I'd like Wednesday to go as smoothly as humanly possible! I actually really enjoy my visits to the Royal Marsden for treatment as they're such a lovely friendly hospital with such incredible nurses. It's also rather relaxing to just come and sit for several hours while reading through my huge reading list and enjoying snacks from the little shop. Now I've been going there for several months, I've made friends with lots of nurses and have enjoyed a few fun chats with other patients too so going in for chemo isn't at all bothersome as you'd expect! I also love that I can go around with my bald fuzzy head exposed and not worry about freaking others out since the majority there also have the same lack of hair and it's summer so wearing wigs or hats inside is kind of uncomfortable.

Aside from my visit into London for chemo, I'm suffering from what I can only assume is extended boredom from being in my own personal lockdown since being diagnosed with cancer way back in March. While I've watched the rest of England slowly coming out of our recent lockdown and enjoying the delights of eating out or visiting museums, I've been unable to go anywhere thanks to being immunocompromised. I do very much long to be able to go into London for something fun instead of something medical. Probably this is why I find my visits to the Royal Marsden to be so damned exciting as I get to walk the long corridors of the hospital and visit all sorts of departments without worrying about getting sick while mixing with other cancer patients who all look as thrilled to be there as I do.

The Royal Masden is still in pandemic mode so no one except cancer patients and medical staff are allowed in and anyone wishing to visit a patient has to have a series of permits before being able to come in. Inside the hospital, the canteen is shut and has never been open the entire time I've been going as they don't want people gathering or taking off masks. Luckily the tiny shop near the entrance sells a selection of snacks and sandwiches for those of us spending the entire day in the hospital. There are greeters/guards at every door stopping and interrogating anyone coming into the hospital so that only patients can get through and all have to have masks and use the hand sanitiser as you do in most establishments in the UK.

Visiting the hospital for my treatments gives me a sense of freedom for a few hours that I crave and long for outside of shielding. I am literally counting the weeks/days till I'll be cancer-free and able to join the rest of the world again in non-medical activities like riding a train again or taking a bus or visiting a museum or even dare I say, visiting a grocery shop!

I can't wait!

Thank you for reading my blog today and for following on with my cancer journey. I love you all and hope that you found something interesting and possibly even useful in what I've written today.

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