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Let me introduce myself....

I'm a professional fine artist with over twenty years practicing art, exhibiting and teaching. I'm half American and half British and have lead a very international life which I've really enjoyed and continue to enjoy!

Oh yes, I love trees! I love to draw trees, preferably in ink and with patterns and hidden words and intense detail.

I also love to meet trees of all shapes, ages and sizes. The incredible tree in the photo with me was such a glorious meeting while walking in the countryside near my home in Hertfordshire.

Aside from sharing my love of trees and inevitably my drawings of trees, I want to blog about something I feel very passionate about which is art, art materials and techniques.

I will say this - as an art teacher for many years, I've often had to adapt my lessons either because the student is unable to buy typical art materials because materials are too expensive or because the materials a student has bought are a cheaper version of typical more expensive materials. I strongly feel that art and art lessons should be accessible to everyone, regardless of income. So I will be reviewing and demonstrating various art materials from local high street shops so you can see if you'll be able to use cheaper materials when signing up for art classes.

Of course, I welcome feedback (respectful feedback please) if you feel I've not covered a technique or if you have questions about what something does or if you are not sure about an art material then I'd strongly encourage you to join my art community here on my website so you can post questions or participate in discussions on various subjects in the community.

I will be sharing my speed videos and demonstrations on this blog so you can visually see a material or technique in action and practice for yourself.

I do hope my blog will help you on your own creative journey. Please feel free to share your own artwork with me on Instagram as I love to see other creatives work and will be your number one fan! When sharing your images use my hashtag (#franceskadrawstrees) so I can find your work and remember to follow me too so you don't miss an update!

Stay tuned for weekly blog posts every Monday evening (6pm UK time)

Until my next post, stay safe and see you all soon!