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Learn to See.....Learn to Draw...Easy!

So here in England, we're in a 2nd lockdown which of course means everyone is mostly working from home or at least experiencing a limited life as most businesses are closed again which is frustrating but necessary if we want the virus to ease off.

Maybe you're a student and you're at school but the things you wanted to do this year are cancelled because of the coronavirus or maybe you're like me and you're trying to make a living working from home because you have no other way to make a living because of the pandemic. Or maybe you're feeling stuck or bored in your situation and just need to try something different and get your creative juices flowing......whatever situation you are in, I hope this helps you in some way in your life.

I know how very challenging it is trying to find inspiration and motivation at the best of times and how it's even more challenging trying to get going during pandemic times so I want to try to help if I can. Anyone can do don't need to already be an artist or art student. This is for everyone.

I mentioned in an earlier blog post, that anyone can learn to draw, and I meant it because it's true and I'm going to start you off, but you need to follow these instructions first:

- Turn your inner critic off (no negativity is allowed)

- Have you got a pencil or a pen?

- Any paper will do

- Remove yourself from others who may try to criticize you in this process

- Find a photograph you like that has you or someone you like in it

- Make sure your photograph has space around the subject

- Be open to meditation and mindfulness exercises

- Allow yourself time (you can't rush this)

#1 Now that you are ready, I want you to learn to "see".....because in order to draw you must learn to first really see what you are looking at. This is a mindfulness exercise and will take a few moments to understand so please don't rush this step. Learning to "see" should be a slow process and can't be done if you are impatient. Really look at your photo, look at who is in it and what surrounds your subject. Notice every single tiny detail and texture and shadow and light and colour.

*Note: "Seeing" is not "knowing".....when you look at a person's face, for instance, you know what a nose looks like because you've seen noses and have known about noses all your life so when asked to say "see" a nose, your brain will say, "not a problem, I know noses!".....but this is where I say, turn off your "knowing" mindset that's quick to identify and turn on your eyes and as if your eyes are lasers that can zoom in and really see every crease, every line, every shadow, every detail....this is what I mean by "seeing".

#2 So now, on your paper, draw out (maybe using a ruler) the rough size of your photo. You could even trace around a printed photo if you like.

So for instance, I've chosen a photo of myself walking in the countryside here in Hertfordshire - I've drawn onto a piece of paper the size I think my photo is (I guessed and didn't measure it - just eyeballing it is okay). I used a ruler to keep my lines straight though. Now that I've done this, I have a rectangle on my paper that represents my photo.

#3 So now I want to draw my photo but I want to make it really easy so I'm going to help myself out by folding my photo (I printed it on printer paper) in half so that I now have a vertical fold in the middle of my photo.