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In Conversation with my Artist Mother, Juliette McCullough!

Today I wanted to write something about my amazing mother, Juliette McCullough as she is the subject this week of my biweekly art talk for my meetup group, London Art Museum Creatives.

If you don't know already, I run a fun, social and creative art group on meetup called, London Art Museum Creatives and during this last year of being online, I've been offering biweekly art talks given by myself and covering all the artists in history to present day who have had some sort of impact on my own career as an artist. So of course, I had to cover my mum who is the biggest influence on my art career!

But instead of just a slide talk with images and notes read off, I wanted it to be a special connection as my artist mum lives in the US and I live in the UK and though we're divided by a pandemic, we're so lucky to be able to connect online.

So I conducted the interview as a recorded conversation over Zoom on Valentines Day and we toured her artist website, covering topics like when she realised she was going to be an artist and who her teachers were and what experiences she had as a young art student in 1960's London!

I wanted this interview to be a conversation between an artist daughter and artist mother as if we were sitting at the kitchen table discussing memories and what it's like to be an artist and I feel we've achieved this. We even covered topics like what it was like being a female artist in a world dominated by men at a time when women were not seen to have value in the arts and how it's progressed since then.

We talked about what her experiences were like being a student in the presence of famous artists like, Frank Auerbach and Euan Uglow to name a few as well as what techniques she herself uses in her own work and the learning process to get there.

It was such an inspiring conversation that I've decided that this is how I want to approach future art talks when sharing those artists (living artists) who I feel have had an impact on my own career as it feels more engaging hearing from the actual artist than just reading about them. Oftentimes, I think we get so used to the idea that artists past and present are just stories and images on a page rather than real humans that we can talk to and learn from.

If you're interested in hearing my interview with my mum then you can see a clip below of our conversation and are welcome to either join my event this week with my group, London Art Museum Creatives or my interview will be available for purchase on my blog by the end of the week.

Do stay tuned for more art conversations with other artists in the next few months and I hope you'll find this one and upcoming conversations as inspiring as I do.

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