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I Am Cancer Freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

The happiest blog post ever! I hope you can set aside half an hour to listen to me nattering on about everything that's happened since I last shared a video update!

A million thank yous to everyone who has been so kind and helped support me in so many ways during this year and I literally cannot wait until I'm well enough and recovered to get together with you all and thank you in person at long last!!

In the meantime, enjoy my video update and if you also need healing from my amazing friend, Tracy who is a reiki and reflexology practitioner here in Hertfordshire and also works remotely, then please get in touch with her. Here is her website:

Let's help each other! If you're reading my blog either because you've had a cancer diagnosis or you have a loved one going through something similar then get in touch as I'd love to hear from you and can offer ways to help if needed. You can email me at: or feel free to message me on this blog website.

Remember, remember the 5th of November.....I know I'll never forget that day and the day I learned I was cancer free at last!

#cancerfree #triplenegativebreastcancer #franceskadrawstreesandbeatscancer #IAMCANCERFREEEEEEEEE

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