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Homemade Gifts & the Age of Over Priced Online Courses

Have you ever found some sort of online course that you know would really make your life better and help you help others and you feel a connection to this online course only to have everything dashed when you learn how much it is?

I recently learned about this amazing woman called, Marisa Peer, who had such a way of speaking that I felt compelled to listen to every word she said because I felt that everything she was saying was resonating with me in so many ways. Watching her videos on YouTube and then buying her book, "I Am Enough" has been mind blowing and has certainly changed my mindset to a more positive mindset which is certainly good during this pandemic when everything is shrouded by so much worry and doubt.

So because I've spent a few weeks watching her videos, buying her book and subscribing to her website, I was inevitably contacted by her marketing team who are doing their part to sell her courses to interested people like myself. I had a lovely chat with a very nice man today who shared with me all the wonderful things Marisa Peer offers for training select individuals to join her RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) course. After forty minutes of learning about the programme and sharing a lot of my passions for what I do as a freelancer and some of my dreams too, I learned that to attend the course you must first pay a down payment of around £900 and that the whole course costs around £5,000.

It's odd but during my lovely chat with her sales team, I shared how one of my limitations for doing what I want in life and achieving success is because of my lack of finances and how being dependent on Universal Credit to pay my bills and help me buy food is my only income aside from the extra I earn to offer very cheap art lessons to a small following of students - even though I shared that my government benefits covers my basic needs and that I just barely keep my head above the surface, it was still perceived that I had money stashed away somewhere!

It seems that this is the norm out there these days with everything being unreachable and overpriced online while we're all trying to climb out of the quagmire that is 2020.

So I didn't sign up for Marisa Peer's RTT course as you may have guessed! But instead, I added into my future dreams that when I am wealthier than I am now and really able to financially succeed in life, then I'll offer a course of my own that provides scholarships for those people who are on government benefits and need a little boost to give them a step up and into a hopeful new future! I'd love to participate in Marisa Peer's RTT online course and maybe in the future I can when I'm earning more.

I know I'm helping people now by teaching and offering affordable and often free art classes but I hope I can do more in the future to help others without focusing on filling my pockets with outrageous course fees.

As a salve to my soul following the call and continuing on the theme of helping others, I've been enjoying an afternoon/evening of creating little decorative boxes which I plan to fill with handmade gifts to send as presents to my family and friends and as a side project, I'm waiting for some clay pieces to dry as I'm building a miniature kitchen to cook in as this miniature cooking craze is fascinating and difficult to ignore especially for this Miniaturist!

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