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Franceska Draws Trees YouTube Channel!

I've created a YouTube channel called, "Franceska Draws Trees" which goes with this blog and is a way in which I hope to help my current students and future students when describing how to explore certain techniques as well as how I personally work in my own art practice.

Teaching online as an art teacher via Zoom is not as much fun as teaching in person and something I've had to adapt to this past year with the pandemic so sharing videos of how I draw or approach certain techniques is possibly the answer to my frustration on not being able to accurately give demos over Zoom.

So above is my first video in which I share with you a game I play with myself while using the wonderfully fun art materials from Artful Box which I'm still very much enjoying.

I'm definitely not a YouTuber by any means, as you'll see in the video; but I'm sure this will improve as I post more updates. I've set myself the schedule of posting a video about my practice and creative games every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday which I'll also share here so you can be kept up to date, though do feel free to subscribe to my channel on YouTube so you can receive notifications each time I share a new video.

If you would like me to create a video with a particular art technique in mind, then do get in touch either by sending me a message here or by commenting on a video as I'd be delighted to do more.

Here's hoping I learn a bit more about how to create better videos by this Wednesday as I do see lots of room for improvement!

Onwards and upwards and hope my video and my new channel are useful to you or someone you care for!

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