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Fine Artist Reviews Flying Tiger Tuscher Markers & Skitse Blok Sketch Book

I love visiting the shop "Flying Tiger of Copenhagen", here in the UK and for those reading this in other countries, Flying Tiger is a very cheap shop full of everything from art supplies to household gadgets to cooking spices. It's a fun place to just go and look - they play upbeat music and structure the shop so that it's like Ikea in that you sort of wind your way through each section of the shop so it's like a fun maze of cheap colourful products. I go in there for all sorts of things and though they're very cheap, I do find some things very useful even if very cheap.

I decided this time to review some basic art materials such as the Tuscher Markers and the Skitse Blok Sketch Book - both were under £3.

So as you can see in the video, right away I notice the black marker has a major leak which leaks all over the paper and seeps through to the other page. It also stains my fingers and after washing my hands a few times since making the video, my fingers are still stained. So be warned if you're a parent and want to buy these for your kids as some markers may leak and it will not come out after washing. I expect the ink will also stain any clothes or furniture too so best to put down plastic covers to protect anything before you get started.

Here's a photo of my stained fingers if you need to see what a few attempts at washing does after using these markers.

Aside from the issues with leaking, I do think the markers bleed a lot through the paper, or as the paper is quite cheap, it could also be part fault of the paper being more suitable for pencils rather than ink.

I did enjoy the feel of the paper as its very smooth and hasn't many imperfections to it so I think it would do very well with pencil drawings and I do enjoy the buttery parchment colour rather than the stark white of typical sketchbooks.

The markers themselves are very nice, a brush feature on one side and the fine liner on the other offer more mark making options which I enjoy as it makes for a more interesting and versatile drawing experience. On the downside the brush feature has difficulties fitting into the lid and anyone not paying attention when fitting the lid, may accidently break the brush off in an attempt to fit the lid back on which of course will create leaks so be careful.

I'd say the markers are worth it but just watch for leaks and perhaps use a paper towel to sop up the leaks on the actual marker before using to see if it helps. It's possible that the plastic casing the contains the ink has some defects which is why it leaks but it's cheap so it's rather expected.

Otherwise, lovely bright colours and I'm glad it comes with a light and a dark green as well as a light and a dark pink/purple as it definitely offers more options for colouring.

My setup was a bit odd.....I could only set up my camera to the top of my desk so ended up having to draw a tree upside down and was in my own shadow for most of the drawing, so I apologise for this! I'm going to play around with different angles today to see if I can improve things for my next art review.

Stay tuned next Monday for alternative ways to use broken cheap art materials as I do have a few ideas and would like to share with you other creative options for art materials that either have been purchased broken or broke shortly after using.