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Enjoying Printmaking with Artful!

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Have you seen the adverts for Artful? I saw a few whenever I was on Instagram and finally watched the advert and decided that this year was the year to get involved and I must say, I've really enjoyed every moment and I'm so glad I subscribed!

If you don't know about Artful, it's a subscription service which sends you a box of wonderfulness every few months - it's such a brilliant idea and as an artist myself, I wanted to try it out and share with you my experiences thus far.

I was so excited waiting for this box to arrive as I love printmaking anyway (part of my first art degree is in printmaking and printmaking just makes me happy!).

I paid for the £35 quarterly subscription and got £5 discount via a signup discount which was nice. It arrived within a week or so of ordering and was thrilling to see this lovely purple butterfly box and even more exciting to open it up and see all the wonderful printmaking supplies. I love the book they include as there are so many ideas and creative suggestions. I really enjoyed looking through all the other artists examples as I got so many ideas from it. I already had a few of the supplies so I kept a clean roller aside so I could use it to help evening press the paper down once printing as this was a tip suggested by another user which I discovered after watching the very helpful instructional videos on the Artful website.

I've really gotten into meditation this year (trying to manage pandemic/news stress has lead me to the wonders of meditation and positive thinking) so I wanted to create a design that was positive and really feel that when I put my positivity, love and hope into my work that it draws on the good energies I'm looking to attract so I created a lovely round design with a lucky spiral symbol at the centre with hearts in the spaces in-between with a four leaf clover surrounding it. I do expect that my images may evolve throughout the creative process which I do enjoy so my actual design that I eventually re-drew on my lino wasn't exactly like my initial pencil drawing but still just as interesting.

As you can see, it did evolve so that my four leaf clovers and circle of branches were not replicated but I rather like the symmetry of this design and it still has lots of love and positivity to it which I enjoyed drawing in.

Do you find drawing meditative too?

I love the creative peace of mind that I have when making art as it's literally a salve to the soul and even more so when creating an image that sends out positivity and love to the world!