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Deciding on a Single Mastectomy with Reconstruction!

My surgery plans have changed after one very long and boring wait to see my surgeons the other day and though it's a difficult decision, I'm feeling that a single mastectomy with reconstruction is a better option for me as it will eliminate all possibilities of the cancer returning and giving me a better chance at a longer life than if I just do a lumpectomy.

Hope you enjoy my video update with all my silliness and do visit my blog in a weeks time to see how things have progressed!

If you're a cancer fighter and reading this while going through your own journey then do get in touch as I'd love to hear from you and I hope what I've shared will help you on your healing adventure too. So many others have helped me over the last few months so I hope my regular updates are just as helpful to others.

Peace and love to all and hopefully next week is loads more exciting and less hospitally than this week!

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