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Creative Projects for the New Year

I've mentioned in a previous post that I've subscribed to Artful Box which is a creative subscription over here in the UK and offers a box of creative goodies on a certain subject for £30 every three months. The last one I reviewed was on the subject of printmaking which I'm still enjoying as I do love printmaking, but this current box is on the subject of ink.

The box (pictured to the left) was full of a selection of assorted colours of liquid ink as well as a few brushes, a pencil and wax crayon, white pencil and blank greeting cards and sketchbook. I'm sharing it again as I'm combining the wonderful ink subject which I've always loved, with another creative project called, "The Sketchbook Project" which is run by the Brooklyn Art Library in New York and which I've participated in in previous years.

This time I thought it would be more fun to combine my Artful Box subscription with The Sketchbook Project and create a sketchbook that is a collaboration of both and see what it leads.

As a safeguard to make sure I stay on track, I'm using a separate sketchbook to test out my ideas so that I can catch any mistakes in the final sketchbook - I'm not normally a perfectionist to this extent but this time, I'm conscious that I'd like to return a completed sketchbook that is exactly what I have in my minds eye!

If you're not familiar, the Sketchbook Project is a wonderfully creative project set up by the Brooklyn Art Library that houses lots of finished sketchbooks completed by creatives all over the world and on any kind of topic - some are digitised and others not. I've participated three times before and each time you have at least a year to finish your sketchbook. It's lots of fun and something I'm really looking forward to working on throughout the next few months.

So I wanted to share with you other creative projects that you may want to try joining for yourself for 2021 as it's likely we'll all still be working from home a while longer while the vaccines are administered which means this is probably the best time for planned creative projects which is always a great plan as it's very therapeutic to get involved in creativity plus when there's a community to contribute to, it seems to make it that much more worth while!

In the picture to the left you can see the contents of the Artful Box for December through to February - I'm even delighted by the wonderful orange tissue paper and will be putting that to use in some of my other projects.

The Artful Box comes with a really helpful book where other artists have shared their ways of working with ink and though I'm very much familiar with working with ink in my own art career, I love to see how other artists use a material as I find it so very inspiring and it helps me experiment more which I need in my own studio practice.

Another project I want to be more involved in for 2021 is