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Chemo Update & Still Goofy!

Hope you enjoy my rather goofy video update on how my chemo is going and how I'd welcome any kind-hearted soul to help with some items on my Amazon wishlist in preparation for upcoming weekly chemo.

Some areas I mentioned in my video with links to relevant parties below if you're interested:

To get in touch with my amazing psychic friend, Robert Caruso:

To find out more about my amazing Reiki & Reflexology specialist friend, Tracy Lichtenstein please visit her website here:

To see my Amazon Wishlist and support my healing journey:

To join my online art classes to help support my cancer journey and my mum, please visit my group - London Art Museum Creatives to join in and attend classes:

Thank you for reading my blog and listening to me rattling away in my update! Love to all of you who have been following my journey and I hope these updates have been helpful even if very disorganised!

Onwards and upwards!

#Thankyouforallyoursupport #wishlisthelpplease #neuropathy #chemoupdate #stillgoofy

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