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Anyone Can Learn To Draw!

I believe that anyone can learn to draw.....some are able to learn faster as with anything and these individuals are seen as having "talent" while others take longer and yet both are capable of greatness.

Did someone tell you that you can't draw?

I've had many many students come to me to tell me that in their past, a teacher or family member or friend, told them that they couldn't draw....which I find frustrating as I don't understand why these students feel they must listen to someone who tells them they can't do something! If drawing interests you then you should learn to draw and ignore those who tell you anything negative that won't help you on your creative journey.

Can you hold a pencil and make marks?

Then you can draw.....all drawing is, is mark-making. If you can hold a pencil and make marks with your pencil then you are capable of learning to draw. The one thing to remember is that you should practice in order to get better - I don't mean practice once a month for a few minutes because that won't help you very much. Like anything, riding a bike or learning to cook or learning a new language, takes practice.

But I don't have time to practice! Can I just learn to draw in an hour?

No, drawing takes time. As a teacher, I can show you techniques to use for drawing but you need to practice everyday for a few hours to see results. You have to want to practice for yourself, not to impress someone else.

I wanted to share this blog post to encourage anyone reading that you can learn to draw at any age but you need to practice. You can learn for free by looking at other artists you admire and watching videos of them drawing but again, you will need to practice daily in order to see results.

I teach privately to anyone who wants to learn to draw or paint and I charge just £25 per hour which is very low compared to others in my field. But I feel that art lessons should be available for everyone so I also offer less involved drawing lessons in my meetup group, London Art Museum Creatives at an even more reduced fee to help encourage those with low income to have access to art lessons.

If you are returning to drawing after decades in a profession but remember bad experiences from your school days when learning to draw - I understand but please remember that often teachers hired to teach art in schools are often not professional artists and therefore can't teach the subject very successfully. Often teachers are also not good teachers and are not capable of adapting their own teaching skills to suit the needs of each individual student they encounter. Standard teaching has for years failed to offer creative guidance to school children because art has not been seen as important in an academic setting.