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Allergic Reaction To Taxol & Other Updates!

My chemo nurses are an incredible lot and deal with so much which would unsettle anyone not going through cancer so when one of them makes a joke following an unexpected emergency, it's always a good laugh and serves to keep sanity in check!

Following my allergic reaction on Wednesday, the lead nurse grinned at me and said, "You just can't be ordinary, can you!" which made me smile and joke back and helped deflate the previously scary experience for all around.

Chemo wards are very open spaces with everyone in their own comfy chair with hanging plastic dividers between patients (covid edition) and wheely trollies full of sticking plasters. But the thing about being a chemo patient in a chemo ward is that you can see everyone around you all on their own chemo adventure. Some sleep, others read or watch videos on tablets or phones while very recognisable newbies stare around with huge frightened eyes while nurses bustle between patients. I've never seen an emergency in the chemo ward until I experienced my own emergency last Wednesday and by the end when I'd recovered, I didn't know if I should stand up and do a wobbly bow to my fellow patients or if I should announce my next amazing feat to those who wanted to look but pretended not to. For my part, I'm hoping that was a one-off and that all future infusions don't have any excitement at all. In fact, I'd be happy if all remaining infusions are utterly boring as that sounds glorious!

To get the full description of my experience and hear about further updates on my ongoing chemo adventure beating triple negative breast cancer, please watch the video above.

If you're interested in finding ways to help me then please feel free to visit my Amazon wishlist where I have various remedies to help me combat all the ongoing side effects that I deal with while going through chemotherapy. Already I'm amazed by the incredible generosity from so many friends and feel so grateful to be so loved. Everything you've purchased so far is being put to regular daily use and has gotten me through so much. I hope that I can find ways to properly thank everyone in person when I'm cancer free very soon!

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my blog and watch my video. I'm so thank you for you all!

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