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3 Drawing Games for Everyone!

Are you a parent with your children at home during lockdown and you're running out of ways to keep everyone occupied?

Or are you living alone and stuck inside because of the pandemic and looking for ways to keep yourself motivated and creative?

Whatever your situation and where ever you are in the world, I have a few creative drawing games to offer you that could give you perhaps a few hours of fun and on the plus side, these games will enhance your drawing skills which is a lovely bonus, don't you think?!

If you read my previous post last week about the start of my new YouTube channel, Franceska Draws Trees, then you'll know that I'm making sure to share my art practice via video while also helping to explain myself via my blog here in an effort to try to offer encouragement, inspiration and creative ideas to anyone out there who is interested.

I hope that what I'm able to share, will give everyone reading or watching a creative boost so that all creative goals can be achieved with a positive mindset!

So this week, in collaboration with today's blog post, I've created a video where I'm sharing 3 fun drawing games which are great for anyone of any age and any skill level - you can watch the video and see how I demonstrate these games and then hopefully you'll go off and do something incredible and at least enjoy the experience for yourself!

So let me tell you about the games:

- Game #1: Make sure you start in the centre of the paper and draw something can be something real in the world or something completely imaginary. So once you've drawn your first wiggly something in the middle, you have to then turn the drawing upside down so you can see if you can see anything in the space around that you could draw in....this game is teaching you about positive and negative space and is a clever way of teaching you how to really "see" which is something professional artists take years and years to this game you can enhance those skills which in turn will make you much better at drawing.....but you have to practice this game often!

- Game #2: Choose two has to be a living thing and the other a manmade thing and then try a technique I use a lot called, "scribble till you find it" and do exactly that.....scribble until you start to see something emerging from the scribbles that resembles the merging of the two things you're looking for. Its a fun game to play because it begins to break you out of feeling like you have to get it right and turns it into a silly experience only....which is good as we artists can't be expected to create a masterpiece everyday! Got to have a bit of silliness too! This game is pretty useful in teaching you to learn to "see" and to loosen up and not worry about the result because this game is all about being in the moment!

- Game #3: Scribble until you find it.....I love this game/technique and especially if it means I get to be really creative and look for imaginary things in my scribbles. I've found all sorts of creatures and buildings and inventions and environments in my scribbles! This is mostly a lovely way of relaxing and can be used as a meditative experience. I often put on some fun music or an audiobook and see how many things I can find in my scribbles. Of course this process does also enhance your drawing skills and gives you a lovely boost of confidence too which is a nice bonus!

Please see below, my video with my demonstrations of my 3 drawing games so you can see what to do.

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