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Our Work

Here are a selection of my work-in-progress art projects from my studio practice. There are so many social media platforms to share projects and I'm terrible at updating those so I thought it would be a better idea to offer up sneak peaks here which I'll update as I complete them. I hope you enjoy your sneak peaks and that you return soon! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here!


Watercolour Landscapes

These are my current relaxation project in which I start out dabbling with watercolour shapes on paper and then draw into these shapes using fine liner ink pens. My objective is to deliberately create alien or fantasy landscapes. 


Miniature Bedroom

I'm building a miniature bedroom so that in the future when I'm able to have my own place again, I can hire a carpenter to build my miniature furniture creations into life sized replicas for me to enjoy! 


Family Tree

I love history and have been using the time I'm convalescing from cancer as a time to find out about my ancestors and to properly work on my family tree. It's fun, fascinating and most definitely a work in progress! This lady here is Caroline Letts....a great great grandmother!


My constant ongoing project is my meetup group, London Art Museum Creatives where I've met the most wonderful friends. One of my current events that I'm really enjoying are my Friday evening online art get togethers where we all just turn up (online), make art and chat about literally everything. It's so much fun!