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Image by Miles Burke


My absolute favourite drawing pencils are always Faber-Castell as they rarely break and the 4B is the most gorgeous buttery texture! Faber-Castell Polychromo colour pencils are the next best thing! 

Image by Hello I'm Nik 🎞


I love crayons and really enjoy using them for quick sketches in life drawing or for their use of vibrant colours. My favourites are Faber-Castell crayons as they're more buttery than any others! 



I build my miniatures out of assorted bits of Balsa wood and Das Air Dry Clay as I find these materials so versatile and full of possibilities! 

Image by Andrian Valeanu

Oil Painting

I've been using Winsor & Newton oil paints for over twenty years now and still enjoy them very much. I use them with linseed oil, turpentine and of course Winsor & Newton brushes

Image by Kelly Sikkema


I only use Strathmore 400 series and Winsor & Newton Extra Smooth Bristol Board Gummed paper as both papers offer superb drawing surfaces for both ink and pencil.

Image by Steve Johnson


Pastels are very useful in adding in sharp jolts of colour when life drawing or or just studying from the masters so I tend to use Staedtler Noris Oil Pastels as they offer so much more colour and feel lovely! 

tweaked toothpikc detail.jpg


If you're into building sculptures in toothpicks then I'd recommend purchasing your toothpicks in bulk from a catering company as it's much easier and better quality usually!

Image by David Pisnoy

Acrylic Paint

As an oil painter first, I do struggle with acrylic but have recently enjoyed using Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic set as they mix well and don't create too much tackiness which most acrylic paints suffer from! 

Image by pure julia


I will draw on anything if given the chance but for personal sketching on beautiful paper, I've been using Moleskine sketchbooks, mostly A3 but often A4. 

Image by okeykat


I've been using Staedtler Pigment Liners for eons because they're simply the best pens out there! When it comes to liquid ink, I've always preferred Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink. 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Paper Crafts

I like to use plain old HP printer paper to make my paper crafts. Sometimes I'll dye the paper or draw on it but mostly it's ordinary common garden variety plain paper! 

Image by Wioleta Zakrzewska


Over the last decade or so, I've really gotten more into watercolour, though I still think I paint as if using oils! I have a wonderful watercolour set called, Ezigoo Watercolour Paint set. The colours are vibrant, long lasting and mix well. 

Best Art Materials